About Us

The Wednesday Business Club is a ‘one member per category’ business networking group that is “run by the members, for the members”.

We meet weekly in Bicester and at each regular meeting, on a rolling basis, a member explains in more detail what it is they offer.

On the 4th Wednesday of each month we hold an ‘Open Meeting’ that all are welcome to attend and this will usually have an external speaker.

Twice each year we have a ‘Progress Meeting’ at which the Members discuss and agree the focus and priorities for the coming six-months.

Our members are encouraged to attend at least 50% of meetings over a three month rolling period and to bring ‘real’ referrals to share and support each other, also to hold one-to-one meetings and conversations outside of the group meetings.

There is a one-off joining fee of £30 and an annual membership fee of £60, both of which are payable in full when joining. Breakfast are charged in addition to these sums

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Building business in Bicester