My story started with the desire to present my photography to a wider audience, rather than hiding it away on a computer hard drive. With a love of art and a horticultural background, that influences my photography, I invested in the tools of the trade to begin framing my work. I have worked in a retail horticultural environment for the past 35 years and then had the opportunity to make picture framing my business.

At Dragonfly Framing I am willing to undertake many different framing projects both big and small, and aim to achieve a highly aesthetically pleasing result that you, our customer, will be fully satisfied with. As a small independent picture framing studio I offer a very personalised, high quality service, I’m passionate about it! Quality underpins everything I do from the best materials to the presentation of the finished framed masterpiece.

I cater for artists, small business owners, photographers and private clients alike. I believe that, even if what you have framed is of great sentimental value or has a high price tag, I’ll treat it with the same respect. Conservation standard framing processes and materials are advised for art, memorabilia and photographs that you wish to preserve for future generations. Whilst this may cost a little more, as I use certified grade materials, you can be sure that it’ll last many years into the future. Please contact me if you’d like further information.