A business can only survive by building a long lasting and trusting relationship with its clients and we aim to do just that. Whilst we understand that the industry has sometimes been unclear with charges and commissions, at Herbert & Webster we have always conducted our business under a clear fee model.

We invest a lot of time in our clients because it is vital we fully understand their financial needs but more importantly, we need our clients to totally comprehend the advice we provide, the direction we recommend and eventually the cost of it. Based on this approach, our clients feel greatly satisfied with our service.

Although we can advise our clients on all aspects of financial planning, we specialise in Investment Planning, Pension Analysis and Estate Planning. These lead to many areas of financial planning such as Personal Pension, Sipps, Income drawdown, Flexible Drawdown, Annuities, ISAs, Portfolio Construction, Discretionary Fund Management, Trusts, Inheritance Tax, Income and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) planning, etc.

We also advise business clients on Pension Analysis, Auto-Enrolment, Group Pensions, Employee Benefits, Individual Protection and Relevant Life policy, etc.