The Wednesday Business Club (WBC) was launched in 2007 and is believed to be the longest running one-member per category business networking group in the town.

The Wednesday Business Club (WBC) is a not-for-profit business networking group that meets every week over breakfast to exchange qualified business referrals. Weekly attendance and the bringing of referrals or visitors are not a formal requirement, both being seen as just good business sense.

The Club provides a supportive environment in which local businesses share local initiatives, learn valuable new business skills and develop the strong trust and relationships necessary for generating genuine business referrals.

Most successful businesses realise that word-of-mouth marketing alongside relationship building is the most effective way to build a business. Joining the WBC is like having your own team of sales people working for you each and every day – because your fellow members carry your business cards with them and refer your services to the people they meet throughout the week.

Many business referrals are passed each week over breakfast and by low level tracking of the results we see just how much business is generated for our members in growing their business profits. As well as our weekly meetings, we also hold various social and training events throughout the year.

We are always keen to welcome new people to either visit us or join the Club. If you have a business or know someone who may benefit from meeting us, why not attend one of our weekly breakfast m We will also be seeking speakers for the monthly

PRESENTING OPPORTUNITY: At the monthly Open Meetings, held on the 4th Wednesday, the WBC is always looking for one-off external speakers who can educate, inform and entertain those attending without selling to the room.

We welcome expressions of interest to undertake such a 20-minute talk on an appropriate subject on ZOOM or later in the year at the physical meetings?

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